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Spring Fire Practice

  • Flow Studio 52a Hill Street Belfast, Northern Ireland, BT1 2LG United Kingdom (map)

Emerge from your Winter cocoon with a re-awakening hot flow designed to boost natural detoxification processes enabling your body to shift and release the stagnant energy of Winter. Harness and restore flow to your creative energies and strengthen your ability to take positive action as you move, sweat and breathe your way into the buoyancy and optimism of Spring.


We will begin from the ground up by acknowledging any residual fatigue and gathering fuel for our fires with targeted yin style poses that facilitate balance in springs associated Chinese medicinal based energetic pathways. These pathways are responsible for free and easy flow in the body and mind. When balanced we have clarity, clear vision, strength and purpose.


We will playfully transition into the main body of our practice where we will rekindle our inner fire in a progressively more dynamic flow that mirrors and evokes essences of Spring. Leave feeling balanced and energized; rejuvenated in a state of both being where you are and of being ready to become – spring into Spring.





Investment: £15