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Miskayani - Envoking the Sacred Feminine

  • Flow Studio 52a Hill Street Belfast, Northern Ireland, BT1 2LB United Kingdom (map)

Miskayani is said to be a mystical sacred city of highly evolved, female priestesses. Like Shambhala of the Tibetans, the city is said to exist somewhere between the Earth plane and the higher spiritual dimensions, prophecy states that it is now becoming more accessible than ever to our world.


“The Q’ero say that only the pure of heart are allowed to enter Miskayani.”


In this workshop we will be focused on some of the Andean teachings of my teacher Elizabeth B Jenkins. Using her techniques of engaging with the Ñustas - the healing forces of nature, through the Ñawis - mystical eyes in the body.  She has worked for almost 30 years with the Q’ero, a nation of people who live high in the Andes of Peru. Their principles are in Ayni - sacred exchange of Kausay - a belief that everything in nature is made of living energy and can be communed with and harnessed as medicine.


An elemental yoga practice will open, nourish and empower the body, interspersed with Andean exercises to move Kausay, release Hoocha - heavy energy, and draw in Sami - light/refined energy. To finish will be a long meditation or journey - Wakay, which is a practice that takes us back in time cleaning and clearing fears and blockages that are held in the subconscious. The intention is to bring clarity to intentions and find purpose.


Now is the time for the divine feminine to rise! However, we do cannot do this in conflict with our brothers, but encourage them rise with us, finding a healthy balance within all of us. The male equivalent of the Miskayani is called Paititi - a mystical city of the sacred masculine - said to be filled with riches of gold. Many an unawakened explorer has lost their lives in expeditions through Peruvian jungles to find this place. The raising of consciousness will come when we meet shoulder to shoulder and walk this path together.






Investment: £30