Yoga For Stiff Guys

  • Flow Studio Belfast 52a Hill Street Belfast, Northern Ireland, BT1 2LG United Kingdom

Saturday 22 April 2017
Flow Studio, 52 Hill St, Cathedral Quarter
Investment: £20

Yoga for Stiff Guys is a full spectrum class designed for the stiff guys of this world, delivered by Mark of Flow Studio Belfast. Weightlifting, running, cycling and long periods of sitting at a computer are just a few of the things that can cause restriction, stress and tension in the body. This workshop will unravel restricted mobility, lengthen & strengthen muscles, help dissolve stress patterns, reduce the possibility of injury through sports and increase your stamina.

For the beginner stiff guy this will be a wonderful introduction to yoga and all of it's amazing benefits, and for the stiff guy with some experience on the mat this class will be extremely informative and a chance to align and refine.