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Meredith Cameron: Yoga Stability

  • Flow Studio Belfast 52a Hill Street Belfast, BT1 2LB United Kingdom (map)

This workshop weekend will grow your practice and your capacity for attention. Exploring Katonah concepts with discussion and a variety of familiar poses that help us kick old habits and rewire our lives, by finding stability, capacity and vision, which will light up newer ways of thinking. We will: - Explore familiar yoga poses; break them down and add angles of geometry; gather around and learn that we all have our own set of conditions to work with. There will be heaps of adjustments so that we can feel what it's like to be on our own symmetrical grid. We often do so many poses from an unstable foundation.

Once we find our stability by cross referencing and using our bones as measurement tools (and angles of geometry), then we are able to give our organs efficiency and have a capacity to be conscious. Things reconcile when form is formidable: use something the proper way and it will clean up. So often we sit in the hips and back on our butt, and it becomes stagnant and slumped. We start using compensatory skills, thus not providing ourselves with proper insight and potential. This workshop is all about finding stability and efficiency - getting off of ourselves and getting over ourselves. It's about having a good life. As we learn and practice the components of stability, we are then able to translate this back into a flow practice and into our lives. Doesn't it feel nice to be stable? Bring a pen and paper for the curious.