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Yin Yoga: A Hip Sequence - with Alexa Sleator

Studio 1

52a Hill Street, Cathedral Quarter

A deep and grounding practice, we'll spend this Yin class working into the deep lateral rotators of the hips. This sequence will target connective tissue that surrounds the muscles in the legs and lower back to release tension held in the lower body.

We use yin as a way to open the body by holding passive stretches for longer periods of time. When practiced correctly, Yin is a very sure and safe way to gain flexibility in the body.

Quite often, most of us will experience some form of tightness in the hamstrings, hips and lower back.
We compromise our hips and legs through our lifestyle circumstance.

Our hips have to compensate when we do things in excess such as running and cycling or spending most of the day seated without regular stretching will all affect mobility in the hip and leg area.

We'll address this specifically by holding passive lower body postures for longer periods of time. This hip sequence will challenge your edge but will also provide a deep sense of release in the lower body, improving mobility whilst helping you to sustain healthy hips, legs and lower back.



Investment: £20

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