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Chocolate Shamanic Yoga with Helena Lavery

  • Flow Studio Belfast 52 Hill Street Belfast, BT1 2LB United Kingdom (map)

This workshop is a blend of four aspects: Restorative Yoga with some Somatics, Crystal Healing, Sacred Chocolate & Andean Spiritual Art - a form of Shamanism from Peru.

Take time to indulge your senses and go deep using breath and energy work to remove blockages to allow the stream of light energy to flow more freely. Restorative yoga poses and Somatic exercises will be used throughout, to access hidden blockages in the physical body, then eventually diving deeper into the mental and emotional body during the shamanic journey.

In the Andean tradition, you will learn how everything we engage with in this life is different forms of living energy (Kausay). Some of the energies are light (Samiy) & some are heavy (hucha) - not positive or negative! You will learn how to tap into these subtle energies, engage with them, and drive them through the body.

We will eat my homemade “Love Bombs” made with Sacred Chocolate, (Grade A Ceremonial Cacao). Cacao atones to the energetic space of our hearts, known by many as a portal to our soul. Cacao elevates the heart rate, increasing the blood flow through the body increasing flexibilty. It also raises the blood flow to the brain which hightens our sensory awareness for "journeying".

Crystals are another form of "living energy". Using our intuition we can choose the crystals that we are drawn to by their colour or shape, or even feeling its own unique energy. They will then be placed on the body to assist us on our journey.

What is Shamanic Journeying?
It is a deep form of meditation using drums to tune in with the heartbeat of the earth. We access realms of the mind or the higher self, through the heartspace. We can receive vital information about ourselves in this altered state.

Where does this teaching come from?
I have been practicing yoga for almost 20 years & teaching it since 2002, it has been an incredible journey to which I’m always going to be a devoted student. However, I felt that I needed something more … Then in 2012 I took a 6 month sabbatical, travelling around South & Central America seeking shamans, participating in initiations & healings with them. Over the last 4 years I have had several initiations as a Paqo into a Peruvian tradition called Andean Spiritual Art. This tradition has been handed down through the Q’ero nation from the Incas. My teachers - Juan & Ivan Nunez Del Prado have been running workshops on this tradition in Peru, America and around Europe for the last 20 years. When in Guatemala, I spent a lot of time with Keith Wilson (The Chocolate Shaman), who helped me face my shadows. The whole journey was life changing & continues to contribute to in so many ways to who I am.

Sacred Chocolate Shamanic Yoga is a workshop that I have intuitively been developing over the last 4 years. Each workshop is very different, delving into different aspects of the Andean Tradition, Yoga and making the best Love Bombs!


- Water, a blanket, a pillow - I will have extras of these


- Cacao increases the heart rate by 20% giving more blood flow to the brain by 40%. If you are prone to migraines, have a heart condition or are on antidepressants, please consult me before coming.

- Some of the cacao bombs contain NUTS - not suitable for people with nut allergies. ... Though, if you do have a nut allergy, please let me know so I can make more of the bombs without nuts.

- Try not to have caffeine, as this may decrease the effectiveness of your journey.

The numbers of this workshop will be limited.


Saturday 18th June 2016, 2-5pm @ Flow Studio, 52 Hill Street in the Cathedral Quarter

Investment: £30


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