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The teachers here at Flow Studio Belfast each have their own unique contribution and are here to share their experience, knowledge and passion for yoga with you. We understand that every student has their individual reasons and needs for practising, and whether it’s physical, emotional or spiritual, our teachers will provide a welcoming, supportive environment for you to have the most positive experience.


ELIZABETH WELTY PHD - Founder & Co-Owner

I have been passionate about yoga, dance and the arts my whole life, and believe in the transformative potential of these mediums for personal and social change.  Growing up, I was a member of a pre-professional ballet company, and loved time in the studio for the cultivation of presence & movement.  In 2008 I received my ‘Registered yoga Teacher’ (RYT 200 – Yoga Alliance) from an Ashram in Boulder Colorado, yet my passion for movement, breath and music led me to Vinyasa Flow Yoga.  With my business partner Eleanor Steane, we've opened 2 vinyasa yoga studios in Belfast’s Queen’s Quarter and the Cathedral Quarter – founded on an ethos of welcome, inclusivity and transformation. 

I have been working in peace & conflict studies, capacity building and education for the past 18 years throughout Ireland, Europe and the United States.  I have recently completed a PhD at Queen’s University in Multicultural Education and I always strive to bring the best of my education, skills and passion forward each time I step on the mat. 

As a yoga teacher, I seek to empower students to be strong, flexible and easy in their bodies, peaceful and clear in their minds, and playful in spirit.


ELEANOR STEANE SYT - Yoga Director & Co-Owner

In my twenties I lived in Australia, where my exploration and newfound love of yoga came into being. As a gift I received a beautiful little yoga book by Jessie Chapman and proceeded to spend many hours in a small basement bedroom, with a beach towel as my yoga mat, and a ceiling too low to extend my arms fully overhead in any sort of salute to the sun (I was pretty sure the sun didn't mind my crooked arm version!) I worked hard physically, trying to understand and recreate the wonderful images in this book. Little did I know at this stage the powerful impact this practice would have on me. 

After some much needed guidance from amazingly gifted teachers, who all helped to enrich my passion and understanding of yoga, and guide me in the direction I was meant to go, my journey commenced. Since 2004 I’ve studied with many schools of yoga including the YTTC, Birthlight, Core Strength Vinyasa Yoga and Yogabuddies. Now a mum of 2, I have a deep passion for empowering and educating women and couples who are preparing for the birthing process and parenthood.

I’m a registered Senior Yoga Teacher with Yoga Alliance UK and the Course Director of Flow Academy's 200hr Teacher Training Program. Currently a student of Shiva Rea and in the process of completing my 300hr Prana Vinyasa Flow® Teaching Certification, I am always learning and deepening my knowledge.

My students can expect a Prana Flow® inspired practice that is deep, challenging and informative. Through unique, creative & evolving sequences you will be encouraged to discover what your body is capable of in an intelligent, playful (laughter infused), non-competitive way. My classes will leave you feeling invigorated, open and grounded with a deeper connection to all the things that form YOU!

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HELENA LAVERY - Senior Yoga Teacher & Flow Studio Manager 

The first time I stepped on the mat was when I was an art student in Dublin in my 20s, I knew it was the beginning of my new life path. Eager to learn more, several years later in 2002, I undertook my first TT in Belfast with Marie Quail. Becoming a teacher could not have been further from my mind, it was more about delving deeper into the discipline of yoga. However, (soon enough - with a lot of encouragement) I found myself in front of classes of students. Once on the yoga roller coaster I’ve travelled extensively to furthering my knowledge not only in yoga, but other traditions that resonate.

In 2012 I took a 6 month sabbatical to South America where I studied with teachers Juan and Ivan Nunez Del Prado in Peru. Andean Spiritual Art is a tradition from the Incas, handed down in generations of Q’eros (native Andean Indians) to my teachers. To me it is much more than a shamanic ritual, being a Paq’o it is a way of life that elevates the human level of consciousness and awakens each student to their purpose. Over the last 5 years I have been sharing aspects of this tradition in my workshops., moving energy to clear blockages and restore health.

More recently I have been influenced by an immersion with David Regelin in New York in 2015, which explored sacred geometry of the body. My yoga has evolved into being less about alignment, and more about symmetry, using the central axis of my body on my mat which brings great insight into my personal practice.  If I was to describe my teaching it would be about simmering in poses, entwining sequences, and journeying deep in meditations. I seek to awaken self inquiry in my students, for them to consciously explore and transform in the challenge, but also to have fun & not to take things so seriously!




I came to yoga in 2007 for the physical benefits of stretching and strengthening. However through time I became aware of the subtleties of yoga.  I became curious about the other strands of yoga and why I was not only benefiting physically but also emotionally and spiritually. My yoga teacher encouraged me to read some of the yogic texts. This helped me understand why I was experiencing these benefits and deepened my practice of yoga. 

My passion continued to grow and I went on to complete my teacher training in 2012 with the YTTC Ireland. I have continued to seek out many opportunities to study and practice yoga. Most recently having completed Meditation Teacher Training with Santosha. 

I bring my understanding of yoga philosophy to my classes and weave this wisdom throughout the teaching. 

My aim is to support students not only with their physical practice but also to encourage them to use yoga to look deep within themselves to find their inner teacher.

Those who come to my classes comment that they particularly enjoy the relaxation element. 



I was first introduced to yoga by my wife. The main attraction initially was the physical element and the opportunity to get an active workout, but it was the meditative aspects that intrigued me and kept me coming back. Discovering the simple union of breath and movement that harmonized my nervous system was a new sensation for me. I’d feel grounded, calm and balanced after every practice. I wanted to feel like this all the time.

My personal practice sparked a deep interest in the History & Philosophy of Yoga and I began researching and studying Meditation, Asana and Pranayama. This had a major influence on the teacher training course I chose. A Vinyasa Flow Yoga & Mindfulness course merging the teachings and philosophies of Yoga and Buddhist Meditation. I completed this teacher training with ‘Still Flowing Yoga’ in Ibiza and I’m currently studying with my teacher Demetri Velisarius in Prana Danda Yoga.

In my class you can expect a strong, balanced Vinyasa Flow with clear alignment cues that will allow you to be intuitive and go inward. You will leave feeling enlivened & soothed. 



I was drawn to the practice of yoga almost ten years ago when I began my studies as a holistic therapist. My Monday evening class with Chandra Mauli from Yoga Belfast was instrumental in capturing my heart and supporting me with a steadiness that brought me peacefulness and contentment. Little did I know what these seeds of practice and inquiry would manifest in the future.

After several years of practice I grew to understand that it was my life’s purpose to study and teach yoga and in 2012 I undertook my first teacher training with Zenways, U.K. Since then my yoga journey has evolved with the nurturing support of teachers and students alike at Flow Studio Belfast.  In 2015 I collaborated with my colleague Sarah Lynch on an ongoing practice called Go Slow Yoga. With its roots in bodywork and yoga, Go Slow is a method that allows students to engage meaningfully in self-care by fusing asana, pranayama, Thai yoga massage and meditation. I love to teach this workshop and the response from students about its effectiveness has been inspiring.

Go Slow re-ignited my passion for yin yoga and recently I completed my yin yoga training with Josh Summers- who himself was trained by Sarah Powers. I love the therapeutic and meditative nature of yin yoga and the contrast of yang, rhythmic vinyasa. In my classes you can expect yin and yang teachings that are influenced strongly by the intimate relationship with the breath. Through mindful, engaged movement and breath it is my belief that we become intricately connected to the present moment - the ultimate fulfilment of our practice. 



KATIE HARTE  - Children’s Yoga Instructor

Originally from Dublin and now living in Belfast. I began practicing yoga about 15 years ago to compliment the ballet training I was doing at the time. I found it a wonderful outlet for stress and of huge benefit for my strength and flexibility. I have worked hard to maintain this good foundation in health and well being through my adult life. I originally have a background in science and biomechanics which I am currently building on in regard to yoga anatomy. This is an incredibly interesting area. 

Growing up with my mother running a nursery school from our home, I was constantly surrounded by children so it was very natural for me to train as a childcare professional and work in the childcare industry for the last few years. With two young children of my own I became very interested in getting them involved in yoga which lead me to train as a children's yoga teacher with the British School of Yoga. I find it to be of huge benefit for my children in regard to the health and confidence. I am passionate about teaching children in a fun and accessible way. I think it is the perfect way to create life long habits of being body and mind aware.



I first stepped onto a yoga mat in 2007 looking for a bit of fitness and a way to de-stress. Now, I love yoga because it keeps me living in the present. We practice in the now, literally going with the Flow; and the more we practice this on our mats, the easier it is to do in the outside world. Yoga brings us back to our breath, ourselves, our own enoughness. There is a playfulness that we bring to our practice, which allows us to achieve more than we thought possible. 

My practice and my teaching are constantly evolving and I am so proud to have been a part of this studio's first Teacher Training Academy (my second 200hr TT). My understanding and embodiment of Vinyasa Flow has grown abundantly and I am passionate about sharing this. My first TT had an emphasis on Hatha, Pregnancy, and Post-Natal Yoga and I am honoured to be a part of the Flow Families Team, teaching Pregnancy Yoga and Mum and Baby Yoga.



I started practising yoga at University. I loved the physical benefits of the strengthening and stretching that I felt but also the calmness during and after each class. I quickly became passionate about yoga and after a few years of practising decided that I would embark on a teacher training programme. I completed my training in Hatha Yoga in 2013 with Santosha Yoga Studio, Lisburn. Whilst training for my certificate in Hatha Yoga I began attending Vinyasa Flow classes and workshops and found that I became more drawn to this style of yoga. I enjoy the fluidity of the breath-lead movements.

Having completed my teacher training I feel as though it's only the beginning of my yoga journey and that there is so much more to learn and experience. I am forever learning and developing each time I step onto my mat.



Following an early interest in gymnastics and dance I began practicing Vinyasa Flow yoga as a teenager and quickly connected with its potential for creative movement.  As I started developing a more regular practice I attended my first yoga workshop at the time of an emotional crossroad. This workshop was a pivotal point in awakening my own realisation and personal understanding of the mind body connection - how the ‘body keeps the score’ and literally holds memories and emotion.  My fascination with this interplay was enhanced through academic study of Psychology and becoming a qualified Pharmacist.  I see yoga as a unique and multifaceted practice which helps us cultivate equanimity and a sense of wellbeing through bringing strength and balance to both the body and mind.  I trained in Vinyasa flow Yoga in London and continue to study various styles of yoga as well as holistic healthcare modalities. 

As a teacher I playfully challenge my students physically through creative sequencing which emphasizes alignment. I encourage students to find their edge but also to recognize that the heart of yoga is not how far you can go in a pose, or how flexible you are, but it is the attention to the breath, the mind and the self.



I was initially drawn to Vinyasa flow yoga because of the dynamic form and movement required.  A commitment to practice led me further to find not only a stronger physical body, but clarity and focus of the mind. Yoga provides a tool for the practitioner to carve out the best version of themselves and it's this idea in essence which led me on to teach.  With a background in classical ballet, my classes integrate a focus on safety, alignment and quality of movement in a down to earth approach that is accessible for all.