Vinyasa Flow

Vinyasa Flow is an All-Levels class that offers a complete spectrum of rhythms that range from rejuvenating and meditative to empowering and challenging. The combination of flowing sequences and held postures naturally generates heat in the body to build strength, endurance, flexibility and a strong focus. 


Vinyasa Flow: MELLOW

Vinyasa Flow Mellow is a great class for anyone wanting a slower, more relaxed pace. Dive in to the finer details of your practice and explore, in depth, your body’s full range of motion. Anticipate a deep release on all levels! 


Know Your Flow

A weekly offering that will creatively and systematically explore the fundamentals of the practice, working through many of the principal Hatha Yoga postures in detail, as well as deconstructing basic ‘Flows’ that are often experienced in a Vinyasa Yoga class. Through the principals of alignment, anatomy and breath-work the student will gain a better understanding of the physical aspect of the practice and how to fine-tune their ‘Flow’ with confidence and ease. This foundational practice is designed for those that are new to yoga; however, anyone that requires some in-depth dissection of yoga postures to better understand their body and how it operates on the mat is welcome to attend. Questions are encouraged. Adjustments, demonstrations and modifications will be offered.


*The following classes run in consecutive blocks of 6 weeks, and are booked separately through the teacher:


Pregnancy Yoga

Mum & Baby Yoga

Little Yogis

Youthful Yogis



Pre-booking is essential - please email us at: info@flowstudiobelfast.com to sign-up or be added to our waitlist..

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